Saturday, 5 November 2011

What's In My Make Up Bag?

So, as promised, I'm doing a "What's In My Make Up Bag?" post. I hope this doesn't bore you too much, prepare yourself for 30+ photos (which took 45 minutes to upload!). Thanks as always for reading! :3 
Miffy compact mirror from when I was seven. Price unknown!

NYC foundation, about €4.

Lacura wipes €2.50

Primark eyelash curlers €1.99

Essance eyeliner, €2.99

Essence mascara, €3 I think? 

Miss Sporty concealer, €4.50

Natural Collection concealer, €3.50

Primark mascara, €0.50

Primark eyeliner, came in a set so don't know the price :)

Benefit lipbalm, around €15

Primark lipstick, €2

Primark eyeshadow palette, €0.50

Benefit mini beautifier kit, €25.99

Inside the case :)

Fearne Cotton lipstick, €6.99

Primark mascara, €3

False lashes, came with a magazine!!

Benefit highlighter, around €20

Primark brush, €2.99

Benefit eyeliner, €28

Primark smoky eyes palette, €5

Essence mascara, €3.99

Essence powder, €3

Essence eyeshadow, €3.50

Essence lip pencil, €2.99

Stargazer lipstick, €4.99

Lipsmacker lipgloss, €3.50

My make up bag! From Primark, it has lasted me agggges. So cute aswell! €5

A keyring charm that came with Harajuku Lovers perfume. I put it on because it was cute. :3

Todays makeup look! Nude lips, half a tonne of mascara, brown eyeliner and beige eyeshadow.

So hope you enjoyed the contents of my make up bag! It actaully isn't all in my makeup bag though, I have a little red box where I keep makeup, nail varnish ect. In my makeup bag there is 8 or 9 bits that I use everyday. I forgot I had the rest to be honest! So, I will leave you with a song. Bye! xxx


  1. Wow, as if you can speak all those languages, I am very impressed. I don't really use make up ,but miffy is pretty cool. And fake eyelashes are so annoying, I have to use them for dance.Sorry for the incoming sappiness, but really your blog is one of my favorites, it's always so real and entertaining.okay enough now, you're probably vomiting.

  2. Oooooh lots of makeup. Very impressive contents :) usually I get bored by makeup bag posts because a lot of makeup products lack originality, but all of yours are cool looking and fun to see! I especially like that lipstick tube with all the lips on it :) Very awesome.

    LOL How old are you again? dayumm...I only started when I was, well, this year *dies of shame* Ah well, thats being Asian for you


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