Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So I've been chilling this midterm, listening to music and watching movies and planning on decorating my new room in my new house...yep. I'm moving again! Not sure where to or when, but in the next month or two. :)

A new drawing! It's supposed to be Adele if you are wondering. Sorry it's sideways, my computer wouldn't let me rotate them for some reason. 

I decided to make up a little "Autumn Playlist" because I've been listening to these songs a lot. Enjoy! xxxx
Bon Iver and St. Vincent ~ Roslyn

The Smiths ~ This Night has Opened  My Eyes

Birdy~ Help the People

The Cure ~ Lullaby

Christina Perri ~ The Lonely

Grizzly Bear ~ Knife


  1. That drawing is beautiful!! Her eyes are perfect!

  2. I always love checking out new music so thanks a lot for sharing these!


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