Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kawaii Dreamin'

La la la la, I'm in a good mood! Yay!
 I spent a very nice, cosy, lazy, happy day cuddling my miniature Jack Russel (her names Fudge), playing Harvest Moon DS (I'm a nerd) and I watched My Neighbour Totoro! 
It's this adorable adorable adorable anime movie about two kids who move to the country and find this raccoon/bunny/forest troll thingy called Totoro. It's a similar style to Spirited Away, and it's so cute yet weird. 
OOTD:  Cardigan ~ TxMaxx, Jeans, Vest and Shoes ~ Primark, 
Necklaces~ Punkypins and Random Emo Shop in Dublin :3

A closer look at the amazingballs print on my cardi. Strawberries and Cherries, omg.


My outfit it fruit themed.


  1. Aww, i really love your cardigan! It's totally sweet : 3

  2. Oh that print is so so cute! I forget that TJMaxx can have cute things sometimes. I don't shop there much anymore haha. Maybe I'll have to take the plunge at some point. Cute necklaces too!

  3. Weeeeee fruit themed outfits are the best kind :)

  4. YAY FOR GOOD MOODS. And ahhh, you look way adorable. I love the fruit motives that you are a ROCKING. That orange necklace is seriously amazing. I have an orange skirt that would go smashing with it. Therefore, give it to me? Please? Heheheh. (BUT REALLY. Now that I think about it, GAH IT WOULD MAKE SUCH A COOL OUTFITTTTT.)


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