Sunday, 13 November 2011

Nerdfest :)

Wow...Eirtakon was amazing. (that's the manga convention I went to.) I can't really describe it in a short post, it was simply amazing. It was the first one I had ever gone to and I didn't really know what to expect. I felt really nerdy but excited to go at the same time! I didn't cosplay, I just wore a cherry print 50's dress. Next time I really want to cosplay as Pikachu!!!
So yeah, it was just great. Everyone was so friendly and cool. You could literately go up and compliment them and then have a 10 minute conversation with this stranger. I felt really comfortable and confident, not like I am around other people. I hugged loads of randomers, took pictures of my fave cosplayers, bought some cute things, squealed with excitement and for once felt like I was half way normal. I was chatting to this girl who said "I love things like this because everyone accepts you straight away and no one judges you. You can be yourself and not feel awkward." So true! I am defieantly going next year, and if there is any others on I'll try go to them too. It was so much fun! Yay for Eirtakon! <3
Now for pictures!


I ran after this girl going "OMG can I take a picture please?!" 

I find Mad Hatters so attractive.

NyanCat cosplay! Amazing.

 Cute Bro's :3
Awesome dude that I took after 10 photos of for no reason.

Yay for blue wigs!

Creepy (but hot) Dr Who guy? Not sure :)

Nearly had a heart attack when he came up behind me and offered me these handmade tokens like in the movie. So awesome though.

My outfit! Cardi, tights, shoes ~ Primark, Dress ~ Miss Behave Vintage I think :L

Close up of cute print.

New necklaces, both from Crafty Fox! I luuurve cherries.

Super comfy shoes.

Whats going on with my face?!

Rilakuma stickers!!!!! AHHH I really wanted the Mamegoma ones but they were all sold out :'(

Polymer clay bracelet (watermelons ftw!) only a fiver!

Clay earrings, which are a present for a friend. Two Euro!

Chocomint icecream cone, omg omg. 2 Euro.

Hope you enjoyed todays ramblings! This took 2 WHOLE HOURS to do because Blogger uploads photos painfully slowly. Grr. So goodbye friends, I'm off to bed. xx


  1. I know what you mean about how accepting everyone is at those! Anime Detour, my local anime convention, is the same way. I go back every year simply because we're like one big family of geeks!

  2. Glad you had an awesome time. It looks really cool, pikachu is awesome! I also love the strawberry earrings!

  3. GAHHHHH I'm so jealous xDDD LOl As much as I love anime, thats all we have in Comic Fiesta =( That and vocaloids. between you and me, I can't stand 'em xD I loved what you were wearing!!! you looked so cute!!!

    Gonna go as a weeping angel next year. Wish me luck!

    (Reply to previous comment):
    @Jessica: LOL you are WEIRD!!! I know of vampire night! But aren't those all shojo?


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