Saturday, 19 November 2011

Owl Stories

New Vans guys! Hehe aren't they beautiful! Just got them this morning, they are limited edition Crayola Vans, €20 reduced from €55! So happy! Size 7 cause the 6 was too small :)

Todays outfit: Vest, shorts, tights, necklace ~ Primark, Cardigan ~ Tesco

I actaully love this cardigan so much! I accidentaly bought a size 6 (I'm usually 10-12) but it fitted fine! Love the horse print, its so fancy. It was €6 in the sale!

And trusty DM's of course! Mwahhahah.

So last night I watched the first episode of Vampire Knight, Deathnote and Black Butler. I watched 3 more episodes of Vampire Knight because its so good! I love Zero :O Deathnote was a really good plot line, except it's a bit creepy and also what's up with that death god thing? Gives me nightmares D:
And Black thats confusing and scary. I didn't know what was going on, and that little kid with the eyepatch is FREAKY. So yeah, not sure if I'll watch anymore of that. Lol.
Anyhoo, I'm off to see Breaking Dawn and hopefully it will be good. Toodle pip!


  1. That horse cardigan is perfect!!

  2. How did you find Breaking Dawn? I love Twilight normally but thought the movie was crap. Also I watched the first episode of Death Note the other day! So good!

    I think your outfit is very lovely, especially the horse print AND the docs :D

  3. LOL Black Butler's a little too shojo for me but I LOVE Death Note xD It's a Classic. The shinigami is my favorite but I can't help falling in love with L every time I read it xDD


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