Friday, 11 November 2011

Eleven Lemons Lay Lethally on Leaves.

Hey you guys! I'm so happy, happy, happy!! Yes, I may sound creepy (I certainly acted creepy all day) but I want to share my love for everything with you. This woman once told me that true confidence is when you are completely happy in yourself and you only want to make other people happy too. This is so true, I just walked around grinning at everyone today. So guys, spread the love! Talk to a stranger, surprise someone with a hug and laugh at everything, because its so fun! Yay for inspirational pep talks. :)

A bunch of cute stuff I bought recently but never showed you! O.O The stickers and ladybug earphones (squee!!) were bought at a two euro shop, and are ADORABLE. Look at those ladybugs! So cute.
The iron-on patches and charms were bought at a new craft store in town called The Crafty Fox and OhMyGosh its amazing in there, seriously. And dirt cheap!! I love the scissors :)

So yeah, the main reason for my happiness is that I'M GOING TO A MANGA CONVENTION TOMORROW!!!!! Woop. It is my first ever nerdfest thingy so I'm super excited. I'm gonna take lots of photos and try to talk to as maney people as possible. Yay! Also I'm gonna get presents for my friends.


  1. Wow a manga convention, that is so cool!!! Absolutely love those ladybug earphones! Have fun with the other manga enthusiasts;)

  2. Oh WOW!!!!!! I'm so jealous XDD
    I didn't know you were into manga! What's your favorite??


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