Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Hey Guyzz! :)
Excuse the lack of posting this summer...really should have been more diligent, but oh well!
So I started Transition Year at school. Its actually amazing, I love all our new classes! For anyone who doesn't live in Ireland, Transtition Year is a year between 3rd and 5th, where you try as many new subjects as possible, go on exciting trips, do projects and presentations, and just have a bit of fun!
I got my Junior Cert Results! (In Ireland, at the age of 15/16, you take a state exam called the Junior Cert in all your subjects. There is a lot of pressure on you to get good grades! It's a bit like GCSE's, I think.)
I was over the moon with my results- 10 Honours! I got an A in Art and C.S.P.E, a B in English and History, and a C in everything else...:D
I received 270 euro in total from my kind family (thank you all!) as a "well done" I will be doing a little bit of shopping tomorrow, so look forward to a Haul <3.
So...onto the outfits I photographed but never bothered to post!
A lovely combination of my fave patterns, polka dots and floral. My granny bought this for herself from Tesco (lol) and gave it to me! Lucky! Sorry 'bout my weird face and pose.. 

This is an outfit I wore to the cinema! Black and grey ruffled shirt~No Name, Jeans~Primark, Shoes~Converse. My rooms a bit messy!

Ughhh...fugly face/pose but nice outfit! I wore this to a work experience interview at a Graphic Design Studio near where I live...I got the job *smiles smugly*. It was a proper interview, they asked to see my work and everything! Everything~Primark! Hehe.

Double Chin O.O...a better view at the cute bow details on my cardigan...from the children's section in Primark. So far I have worn clothes from the Womens, Mens, and Childrens that bad?!

 OMG OMG OMG OMG I forgot to mention that I am the proud owner of a Vievenne Westwood corset!!! It's actually soooo nice, as you can see in the picture above :) It is a denim, off the shoulder, boned corset/waistcoat type thing and it is BEAUTIFUL BABY! It makes my waist look surprisingly small! And it is genuinely Vievenne Westwood <3 I was at this vintage fair three weeks ago, lurking around the stalls of clothes from the 50's and 80's...sigh. I came across a pair of 90's blue and peach paisley Converse for a fiver (!) but they were reserved for someone else. :( But as I was looking at the same stall, I saw this corset and thought, "That's quite nice." Then I saw the label. It read "Vievenne Westwood". I looked at the price tag. It read "35 Euro". I quickly fainted with happiness, they dragged my mummy to the changing room, tried it on, and bought it, quietly squealing. I'm in Love...

Outfit I wore to the Vintage Fair...Jeans, Top, Cardigan and Bag~ Primark. Shoes~Converse. Pearls~Vintage

These Cons were 9 Euro in a TkMaxx sale. For real.

A Cute cherry bag from Primark, 1 Euro in the sale. Hahahaha I'm so cheap.

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