Sunday, 18 September 2011

I live in Primark time! :)
Todays outfit! Actually love it :) Cardigan ~ No Name, Racoon Tee, Jeans and Bracelts~Primark, Boots~ New Look. Heehee, I was fixing my shoe in this picture, but it turned out quite cool, and they only one that didn't show my face! I wanted to do neutrals with a hint of colour today. I went shopping in Dundalk with my mummy, buying doo-daa's and what-nots.

I found these AMAZING boots lurking in the sale section of New Look for a fiver...the last pair, in my size. It matched my outfit so well that after I bought them, I swapped my orginal Cons with them and revelled in how well they looked. :)

I got this lovely nail polish with my friends yesterday actaully, but I thought I'd throw it in. I'm luurvin' minty pastel colours at the mo!

I got these rad braclets at Primark! I had been looking for ones like these for ages- stacked, colourful beads I mean. They were only 3Euro and are so cute!

These nail polishes came free with a magazine! They are the "crackle effect" kind. You put the pink underneath and the black sort of breaks up and cracks to give a shattered effect. I havn't tried it yet but I like the pink colour even on it's own!

Bought another pair of skinnies in Primark, 11 Euro and super comfy.

Cute horse pendant, 2 Euro from Primark!

Sorry for the quality, its terrible! 50 cent for this little palette in Primark.

Adorbale tee, 3 Euro in Primark!

SO SO SO CUTE! Bear/cat jar thing with glitter inside, 2 Euro from Claires. <3

Fave buy! Foxy brooch from Claires, only 1 Euro!! Bargain!


  1. sweet deal on the gorgeous boots!

    join my giveaway!

  2. WAHHH. I'm looking for some snazzy white shoes. Yours are sooo fabulous. They must go with everything - I love it. And goodyyy for all your purchases! The nailpolish is fun stuff.


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