Thursday, 25 August 2011

Unicorn Explosion? Quirky Unicorn? Hmmm..

Hey There! I think I might give up saying "hi everyone!" for a while, because it's pretty obvious no one reads this blog. I gave a little squeal of excitement when I saw the views had hit 5....thats so sad I am. *awkward face*.

Anyhoo........speaking of blogs that should be read should read Quirky Explosion!!!
It's my new fave blog at the mo, discovered about a month ago. Lexy is a 17 year old living in Canada. I instantly adored her outfits (colour, prints and cute shoes galore!) and found we shared the same sense of humor. I talk like I know Lexy in person, which I don't...unless our media-obsessed world considers a few emails as "known in person." If you know what I mean...yeah cos I'm after confusing myself.
Anyway, picture time!
Yellow cardi  FOR THE WIN!

                                                                  Need this dress asap.

Isn't she pretty? Arn't her clothes cool? Do I sound creepy? Yes...

So yeah! There you have it! My fave blog, condensed into one post. If you are feeling a bit dull and monochrome, and need to read her witty comments on her outfits, check it out!
Also Lexy has a Esty shop...I've had a browse but I'm not one for headbands myself. Check it out anyway!

Today my grandmother gave me a surprise present of a new phone as a back to school present! I've had the same old brick since I was 10, so it was quite cool! It's one of those fancy Android ones with all the apps...that I can't work...heheh. Also I went stationary shopping with old ol' momma, and accidentally slipped and fell into Primark. And bought a teeshirt and a cardigan. To join the THOUSANDS of tees and cardis lurking in my bedroom! :) 
Farewell...I'm watching Marie Antoinette (written + directed by Sophia Coppola). Its amazing. xox


  1. hahha YAYYY! Thank you so much gurl! Totes a great way to start off the day!

  2. she has amazing style! I love checking out her blog, nice post dear :D


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