Monday, 22 August 2011


Hello Everyone!! Guess what...............................
I got nerd glasses!!! I'm soooo happy with them! I have to wear prescription glasses anyway, and for years I've hated wearing them. They made me feel ugly, they were uncomfortable, and just pretty much awful. I would tuck them down my top and walk blindly around. Yeah...maybe not the smartest. :L For about 3 months I've wanted these nerdy glasses, and last week I got them! I get my glasses from Specsavers. The glasses I'm wearing above were 89 euro, from the men's section :D. Lol. They are chunky framed, tortoiseshell (squee!) and AMAZING. It's ridiculous how much they have changed my life. Instead of feeling awkward, ugly and self-conscious going to the shops or whatever, I feel confident and cool! These babies are just so adorable, and add a certain geek-chic to my outfits. <3

I also got this second pair, also 89 euro and from the mens bit. These have thinner frames, are black and slightly rounder. I love these too, but I prefer the tortoiseshell. Hehehehe glasses are cool! :D

Close up of the tortoiseshell ones.

 Black ones.
I also went shopping at the weekend, and picked up this DVD from HMV. As you can see, it was 3.99 on sale. I saw it for 2.99 pound in Scotland, but didn't buy it regretfully. Then I saw it back in Ireland, squealed, ran up to the till and bought it! The check out guy was laughing at me cos I was jumping up and down a little, but puh. This movie is  EPIC. Honestly the cutest thing ever, I just was entranced the whole way through.
I love Zooey Deschanel (quite unhealthily to be honest!) and her sister Emily. They are just gorgeous, have great accents and are brilliant actors. I love the bit where they go shopping in Ikea...adorable.

Also got this brown eyeliner from Essence (love!). It was 1.49 euro, in the shade 08 Teddy. I lost my old brown eyeliner, which was sad because I prefer brown eyeliner to black. It doesn't look as harsh, and It brings out the chocolate brown in my eyes. :) I love this eyeliner so much, and  I only bought it two days ago.
It goes on so smooth, perfect for day, and I use it to colour in my eyebrows too! Bargain :)

 Catrice lip pen. One word= disappointing. The color is gorgeous (shade10, ruby red) but it just doesn't go on nicely. For 2.99 euro, I don't really mind, but still I was a bit sad. Your lips have to be really dry to apply it, and then it wears off near the inside of the lips. Sadface :( Very long lasting though!)
Mwahahahah. I'm using this BEAUTIFUL satchel as my school bag. I'm going to get so much slagging, but do I care? No. Its so pretty. <3 Speaking of school, it starts next Monday, and I'm dreading it.

Outfit of the day!
 Cardi and Jeans= Primark
Teeshirt=Alice in Wonderland
Shoes= Vans

While I wrote this I listened to Stairway to Heaven, and pretty much all of Ramones songs. I only noticed how short they are now. Most only last 2 minutes? Weird.
My parting words~ I wish my legs weren't so short and wide. Love you all. xox

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  1. WOOHOOO! Congrats on the new glasses! They look so SMASHING.

    And ahh, I love 500 Days of Summer! It's so cute. And siiigh Joseph Gordon Levitt. Just soooo... yummy. Hahha.


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