Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Silence is a blessing

I look very peed off! Cardie, Tights  and Shorts~Primark, Top~New Look, Necklace~Claires
 Feeling very lonely and sorry for myself today. Went to town to do some jobs with my mom and caught up with two of my friends. One of them is my best friend in the universe, but lately I feel like we are drifting apart. Ever since she started going out with her boyfriend, who lives two or three hours away, we havn't been spending as much time together. I really miss that, just hanging out talking about stuff and laughing. Today I could only spend an hour in town, and she was half an hour late. She also brought her boyfriend, who didn't speak to me and my other friend the whole time. It made me sad, because I didn't get to chat with her, and I won't for a week as I go to Scotland on Thursday. Sorry for giving out, but I just feel sad today.

I love my outfit today though! Comfy, but pretty. I've owned that shirt since I was 11, which is kinda cool I think! I wear the black cardigan allllll the time.

My nail polish is Bonjour, in Navy Grey. <3

This necklace is from Claires, and goes with EVERYTHING!

I wore foundation for the first time today; I mean the first time ever. I usually hate foundation, it feels heavy on my skin, aggrevates spots and generally looks fake and orangey. I have quite pale skin, so its hard to find a nice colour. But I found it! *cheers* It's NYC Skin Matching Foundation, in shade 685 Fair. I'm wearing it the pic above (notice my oddly shaped head and eyes pointing in differant directions?). Its super lightweight, blends well and smells nice! I'd recomend it to any makeup virgins like myself. :) Heehee.

I feel better after ranting on the blogsphere...maybe I shall go and read for a while. ;) xx

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