Saturday, 16 July 2011

Vintage Finds

Look at all these beautiful bits and pieces I found in my grans spare room! I am moving into their house soon, and I found these when I was cleaning. These electric blue heels are amazingly comfy, and belong to my gran, bizarrely. The dresses are my aunties clothes from when she was a teenager, somewhere from the 80's. That means vintage, right? Hehe. I died of happiness when I checked the label and saw that it was a size 12- my size!! I'm going to borrow the orange floral one I think. And the little patent brogue-heels are my grans, a size 4 unfortunately. I tried stuffing my feet in anyway because I loved them so much.
I can't wait to decorate my room, I've been looking for inspirtaion everywhere. I don't know what colour to paint the room in my own house is red, but I think I might go for a aqua blue maybe? Fun fun fun!
Anyway, I have to go and book tickets for Harry Potter. The last ever movie! So many characters die or are seriously maimed, I will be in floods of tears in the cinema. Can't wait!
Toodle pip xx

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