Monday, 18 July 2011

Lazy Daze

Feeling romantic today. After moving furniture, hoovering and eating delicious custard pastries yesterday, I decided to take a lazy day. Just flicked through a few blogs, lay in the sun, then had another rummage in my grans spare room.
This is the dress I showed the other day. I put it on, to find that it was deeply unflattering, but surprsingly comfy. Trying to take photos with the self timer on my camera, balancing it on random peices of furniture is quite difficult. Going for the "moody modellish" look.

A close up of the snazzy zigzag pattern that drew me to the dress.

So seventies, right! All I need is a floppy hat and an embroidered waistcoat. I found this in the bottom of the bag. Also vinatge I think, didn't have a label anyway. It ties at the back, which is very hard to do on your own, so I left the back loose for the photo!

Todays outfit. Everything is Primark...I wanted to go for a lazy outfit, loose and comfy as it was quite warm today.

Pretty brooch pinned to my vest.

I'm off to read Little Women. Hope you have a wonderful, lazy day like me! xx

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