Friday, 15 July 2011


Hello! My name is Jessica, and I am 16. I live in good ol' Ireland (begorrah) and I wish I lived in 1950's America...all flippy skirts and red lipstick. This blog will be mostly about fashion, seens how thats what I think about for 59% of the day. Also it will be interjected with my artwork, any projects I have, and general ramblings. I choose the title because if I ever invented a sweet, it would be a little ball of candyfloss coated in yellow crispy sugary shell. I would call it a Unicorn Kiss. Also, it kind of reflects my personality. I may go through rough patches, but I am quite a sweet, affectionate person.
Here is my fashion style, represented my these pictures.

I lost this beautiful ring from Primark :(

Me, in the morning...surprisingly chirpy.

Doc I need to say anything else?


One of my drawings..

Yesterdays Outfit! Top~Heatons,  Jeans~Applebottom, Brouges and Ring~Primark, Necklace~A-wear
And to finish off, a song from a lady who (nearly) shares my name. xx

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