Saturday, 5 January 2013

Long Time No See :o

Hey everyone :D
So I was shocked to find that when I logged onto my Blogger account  a whole YEAR had gone by with no new posts! If I'm very honest, I had forgotten about my blog. I stopped posting because my laptop died so I pretty much had no internet for about 3 months D: and after that, I pretty much had lost my interest in blogging, no inspiration , no photos :c Its crazy how fast that year flew too! :') So much has happened in that year, it really has been lifechanging.

  • I met new friends and my boyfriend, who I have been with almost 11 months now <3
  • I have turned 17, and I'm almost 18 now D:
  • I finished TY, had an amazing summer and now am in exam years at school O_O
  • I MOVED HOUSE!!!! :D
  • My style has changed so much....I've become so lazy and I now live in hoodies/sweats/boring jeans :3
  • I have opened my very own on-line shop selling my handmade kawaii jewellery :D
So much more has happened, but I'll just show you a few pictures to give you an idea :3
Pikachu cosplay!

dramatic selfie.

Made some NyanCat jeans!

.....and planked in them :3

me and my boyfriend cosplaying!

drawing of Zelda :)

Muse teeshirt I made xD

Items for sale on my website ;)

Thanks for reading guys, and I will try to update more! <3

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