Saturday, 17 December 2011

Watermelon Nail Tutorial!

~ Kawaii Watermelon Nail Tutorial! ~

Hey guys! I tried this nail polish out the other day and was very pleased with it, so I decided to do a tutorial for them! They are super cute, easy and look really yummy. Read on....if you dare...

What you need:

A black polish. Preferably thin brush, but any kind will do. I used Essence Beauty Victim Nail Tip.

Lime green. It would also be handy if it was thin brushed but mine wasn't. You just need a steady hand! :) Essence in Woom!Boom! Citrus Green.

Pinky red polish for the actual watermelon. Mine is from a random magazine! ;3

Nail polish remover for clearing up smudges. Mine is Tesco, because it was cheap!

Step One

Paint all of your nail a pink/red colour of your choice. Make sure to get an even coat! If you want, apply two coats. This helps if your nail polish is quite translucent.

Step Two
 When that is dry, carefully paint the tips of your nails (you can use the white part to guide you) a lime green. This will be the watermelon skin. Wipe up any spills!

Step Three

Using your black polish, gently dab spots onto the pink part. These are the seeds of the watermelon. If you don't have a thin nail art brush, dip a toothpick into your polish and apply to nails. Wait to dry, and you're done! Adorable, simple nails that really stand out. :3

Mine were a bit messy (only second time doing these!) but they are still so cute! I'm definitely doing these in the summer to match some of my fruity clothes and jewellery. Would you like more nail tutorials? Comment below to request a tutorial and I'll try my best to do it! :)

Goodbye! xx


  1. Wicked! I can never do my nails cool.These are so cute.

  2. Soooo awesome! I'm so crap at nail things, but this looks pretty easy so I will give it a go! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. Looks so cute!! Love it :D <3

  4. Hello hello! Thank you for your DIY shirt suggestion! I should probably give it a go, I can not find any shirts like it and I want one so badly. :)


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