Friday, 28 October 2011


Hey there, its nearly Halloweeen! Which means watching Nightmare Before Christmas repeatedly, singing enthusiasticly to all the songs. Hehe.

So today we had a non-uniform, dressup day at school. This was my outfit....I was a pedestraion. 
Tee Shirt ~Alice in Wonderland, Jeans and Cardigan ~ Primark, Boots~ New Look.
My room is such as mess, like my face. And hair. Gah.
New Cardigan! Isn't it lovely! I really like the colours.

Creepy face and pose. Chubby cheeks and mess on the floor.

Plaits and a love heart on my cheek, polish on my nails, grin on my face :D

I've been wearing these jeans and boots far too often for me to admit. 

So tomorrow I will be looking at houses to rent, then going to a gig with my friends later on. Should be fun! I'm going as a 1950's zombie. I'm wearing a prom dress, and face of blood and stitches...:)
Happy Halloween! xxx


  1. Love your boots:) your Halloween outfit sounds really cool.have fun.

  2. Ooh your costume sounds cool! ;) I'm not going to have one since there's no party coming up.. :>

    Happy Halloween!

    xx indie by heart

    ps. i Love your cardigan! :>


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