Saturday, 8 October 2011

Handsome Devil

The voices told me to kill you.
Kidding! They told me to hug you <3

So, today's outfit! Decided I was in a 90's punk kid mood with a hint of cute. So on went the trusty Primark skinnys, checked flannel shirt (men's section of Primark of course) and my vampire bat tee (Fine Mess). Isn't the teeshirt adorable!! This guy in the supermarket looked at it and grinned!

Today was oddly sunny, as the past week has been FREEZING. Like, wear a long sleeved top under your school uniform kinda cold. When Saturday rolled around, it was almost like summer! Weird.

Standing in the junk room...I mean "spare room" that's opposite my bedroom because the sun was too strong to take a picture. My hairs a total mess at the minute...trying to grow out my full fringe, then watching 500 Days Of Summer and instantly cutting it blunt like Zooey Deschanels. -_-

Posing with a cute (giant) dog I found in the junk room...because that's how I spend my Saturdays.

Aforementioned dog.

I get quite excited when I find the last drumstick lurking in the bottom of the bag...ugh the hair!

I'm actually wearing black liquid eyeliner today, just for the fun of it. Benefit btw. 

Oh yeah, I'm wearing Dc Martens too, to add to the 90's punkyness. My room is so messy...and this is AFTER I tided all my laundry away.


Side pose.

Beautiful, but oh so painful when you have blisters. 

Meet Pedro. I found him in the magical junk room, where I found the vintage clothes, the huge toy dog and a box of 90's Barbies. His glasses make him nerdy, like me. I think he is my new best friend. <3

I leave you with a song. Recently I've discovered a passion for The Smiths. Toodle pip!

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